Features To Look Into When Shopping For A New Dishwasher

When you visit an appliance store to shop for a new dishwasher, you may be surprised by all the different options. Your main concern may be buying a dishwasher that fits your space and matches your other appliances. However, you may want to consider these other handy features when making your purchasing decision.

Washing Options

Even budget dishwashers usually have a variety of washing options so you can select what you need for a full load of dirty dishes or a light load of rinsed dishes. Some dishwashers sense how dirty your dishes are and adjust the wash cycle accordingly. If you want full control over the wash cycle, then consider how you use a dishwasher and look for a model that supplies the functions you need.

Position Of The Controls

If you like to monitor the progress of your washer and see the settings at a glance, then you probably want a dishwasher with the control panel on the outside. If you have kids and want to make sure they don't touch the controls, or if you want a dishwasher with a sleek front design, you may want a dishwasher with the controls on the top of the door so they're hidden when the door is closed.

Drying Capability

Your dishes will air dry once the wash cycle stops, but some dishwashers dry better than others due to the higher temperature of the rinse cycle that heats up the inside of the unit. Some dishwashers even have a drying cycle so your dishes get dry much quicker. If it seems like your dishes never get dry fast enough, then look for a model that has a quicker drying time.

Adjustable Racks

It's frustrating when you want to wash a large dish or tall pan and it doesn't fit in the dishwasher. Basic dishwashers have fixed racks, but you can find models that have racks you can adjust or remove. Removing the top rack would give you plenty of room for tall pans and other large containers and dishes.

Noise Level

Some dishwashers grind food so you can put in dirty dishes without rinsing them. The filters clean themselves, but they make more noise. If a noisy dishwasher bothers you because you run it at night when you're sleeping, then you may want one with a filter that you clean manually. Different models of dishwashers make a different amount of noise, so if low noise is important, research which brands are the quietest before you go to the appliance store to buy your new dishwasher.

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