Options In Reverse Osmosis Filtration Systems

When you want to purify the water in your home, one of the best systems to buy is a reverse osmosis filtration system. Reverse osmosis works by forcing water through a membrane that blocks a variety of contaminants including heavy metals, chemicals, parasites, pesticides, and sediment. Here are some options in reverse osmosis filtration systems.

Countertop Models

A countertop model is a good choice if you rent or if you don't want to mount the filter under your kitchen sink. These models work in two ways. They can hook up to electricity and not your faucet, or they can hook up to your faucet and not need electricity.

A reverse osmosis filter that plugs into an outlet is convenient because you can place it anywhere. You add water by pouring it in the top, so the filter doesn't need to be near the sink. A filter that hooks up to your kitchen faucet has to be beside the sink, so it has the potential to get in the way. Plus, a filter that connects to the faucet only works with certain types of faucets, so you'll want to check that your faucet is a good match before you buy one.

Both types of filters purify water through reverse osmosis and deliver clean drinking water from a spigot on the filter. Reverse osmosis filters create wastewater, and that needs to be emptied manually with a countertop model.

Several manufacturers make countertop reverse osmosis filters, and they have different features. Some provide hot water in addition to room temperature water. Compare different brands to find one that suits your needs and has an appearance you'll like in your kitchen.

Under-Sink Filters

If you don't like the idea of a water filter sitting on your counter, or if you just want the convenience of wastewater draining by itself, then mounting your reverse osmosis filter under the sink is the best option.

You may need a plumber to install the filter since it has to hook into a plumbing line and drain. Once the system is installed, you'll have purified water when you need it without the bother of having to fill or empty a container.

The reverse osmosis filter has its own dispenser so your kitchen faucet can deliver untreated water to do dishes and to wash your hands. When you want water for drinking or cooking, you get it from the filter dispenser that's mounted on top of the sink. The dispenser is the only part visible since the rest of the filter is in the cabinet below the sink and out of sight.

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