Why Install a Water Softener in the Office?

Hard water is water that contains hard water particles, while soft water is water that contains less of these particles or has these particles removed entirely. A water softener is a water filtration system that works to remove heavy minerals from water by attacking the ions. Common ions that are filtered out of hard water include iron, magnesium, and calcium.

A water softener is installed by an appliance specialist. Your office can benefit from a water softener in many ways: here are just a few of the reasons to consider this type of water improvement system in your office.

Water Softener Installation Is Discreet

A water softener installation goes near your water's main water supply. The unit, which involves a few tanks, is placed in the garage, utility closet, or other area that is hidden away and out of sight. This means that regardless of how large your water tank needs to be to soften your office's water, the unit should not be visible in the main part of your establishment if aesthetics are a concern.

Water Softener Installation Protects Plumbing

Those same minerals that make water hard also potentially damage the plumbing system associated with your building. Over time, calcium, iron, and other buildup can erode or clog your pipes, making your plumbing system wear out more quickly. This is especially the case if you have older metal pipes. Water softener installation can potentially protect your plumbing against ongoing damage and help your pipes stay in better condition.

Water Softener Installation Filters Water

Do you work with water on the regular in the office, either to clean appliances, wash dishes your clients use, or to actively serve your customers? If your industry is one where fresh, filtered water is important, such as a pet grooming business, hair salon, restaurant, or workout facility, then you want to speak to an appliance specialist about the benefits of a water softener.

Filtered water may also taste better and will leave behind less residue on clothing and skin, making it better for your office and industry. A water softener installation company will show you what type of water softener will work best for your building overall.

Once installed, you should have your water softener system inspected regularly to ensure it's operating as it should. Your water softener installation specialist can schedule your softener checks in advance, or work with your schedule to have the tanks and hoses checked during appropriate business hours.

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