Purchase Cases And Parts For A New Product Line Setup

Your truck stop may draw in tired drivers who are anxious to get a bite to eat and a cool drink. Bagged chips and canned goods may not be exactly what your customers have in mind. If you have been offering store-bought foods and beverages and would like to add some enticing meal and drink options to your inventory, investing in some supermarket refrigeration units will be a way to increase your profit margin. Purchase some case parts that will help you set up a visually appealing and functional display.

A Turnstile Method

If you are impressed by some restaurants and places of business that offer food items that are placed upon trays that rotate, use this concept when setting up each display in the truck stop. Metal trays that attach to a central unit will allow you to separate food items based on type. For instance, if you decide to invest in a few different refrigeration cases that each contain removable shelves and have a setup that will support a turnstile feature, designate one case for beverages, one for meal items and appetizers, and one for desserts.

Purchase a central anchoring device for each case and choose how many tiers you would like to add to each display. Products that are in cups or plastic or glass bottles will require more space than sandwiches or salads, so you may want to set up each case differently so that a couple of them support more tiers than the others. 

Recessed Lighting

Lighting that is directed toward the products will allow your clients to read labels that are used to classify the products. Recessed lighting can include light bars that are discreetly placed along the top and the bottom of each case or light strips that are secured to the underside of each metal tray that is being used to hold a product.

Because the lights will be utilized on a daily basis, you will need to add a maintenance schedule to assist with the upkeep of each refrigeration case. Purchase extra bulbs or light strips and have the original ones switched out as soon as signs of dimming or inoperation are evident. 

Mechanical Parts

Each case will contain a series of mechanical parts, which will be located inside of the casing or along the backside of each unit. Fan blades, compressors, access switches, and defrost and drain systems are some vital components that are needed to keep each unit operating. Learn about the functions of each refrigeration case and purchase replacement parts that are required for the mechanical process. If you are not capable of changing out the parts, hire a technician to aid with the upkeep of each unit.

To learn more, contact a supermarket refrigeration case part supplier.

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