4 Reasons Your Dishwasher Isn't Starting Up

When you fill your dishwasher up with dirty dishes and push the button on the dishwasher, you expect your dishwasher to turn on. If your dishwasher doesn't turn on, there are a few reasons why your dishwasher may not be operating like it should.

The Power Is Out

If your dishwasher isn't turning on, it may have a power issue. Start by making sure your dishwasher is plugged in and that the plug hasn't gotten pulled out of the outlet. If the plug is not fully inside of the outlet, and pulled out even just a little bit, your dishwasher may not turn on.

Next, check and make sure the power switch for your dishwasher is turned on. This switch is often located next to the cupboard near your dishwasher. You are going to want to also check the circuit breaker that your dishwasher is connected to and make sure it's not tripped. If the circuit breaker is tripped, reset it.

Door Isn't Securely Latched

Most dishwashers have a safety mechanism that prevents the dishwasher from starting if the latch isn't properly engaged. Check and see if something is preventing the latch from closing, and move any item that is getting in the way.

The latch may actually be broken. If the latch is broken, you are going to need to replace the latch to get your dishwasher working again.

Water Supply Issue

If your dishwasher has power and the door seems to latch properly, but the dishwasher doesn't fill up with water, then you may have a water supply issue. Make sure that the water value is turned on properly for the dishwasher and that the water hose for the dishwasher is properly connected.

If that doesn't fix the issue, the inlet water valve on the dishwasher may need to be replaced so that the water can get into your dishwasher.

Malfunctioning Part

Finally, your dishwasher may not be starting because it has a malfunctioning part. For example, the dishwasher may have a defective timer that isn't sending the proper signal to your dishwasher. Or the control board may not be working and thus not powering the components needed to start your dishwasher.

If your dishwasher is not turning on or working properly and you can't fix the issue on your own, you are going to want to put in a call to an appliance repair shop. Let them know the manufacturer and type of dishwasher you have, as well as what is happening with the dishwasher. This will help the repair technician know what to prepare for when they come to your home.

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