7 Terms You Need To Know If You Want To Buy A Hot Tub

When buying a hot tub, it helps to be familiar with all the different terminology surrounding the operation of a hot tub. Understanding this lingo will help you to be a more informed buyer.

Term #1: Control Panel

The control panel is located on the top of the spa. It is where all the buttons that allow you to control the various functions of the spa are located. Some control panels are mechanical, and an increasing number of control panels are now digital. The control panel is essential to your hot tube's brain, where you can control things such as the thermostat, jets, timers, and even the pump.

Term #2: Air buttons

The air buttons are generally located on the top side of the hot tub and are some of the different buttons you can use to control the hot tub's function. The air buttons help to push air through different features, such as the jets and air blowers.

Term #3: Air Blower

An air blower is a small hole in the spa that air is blown through. These small holes are usually spread out on the seats and on the floor of the spa. The air blowers help to infuse small amounts of air into the spa water. It is designed to enhance the comfort of the spa.

Term #4: Jets

The jets are one of the most distinctive features of a hot tub. The jets pump a mixture of warm air and water into your hot tub by first passing the mixture through the pump, filter, and heater, and then into your tub.

Most jets have multiple functions and settings. You can usually control the speed of the jets. In some hot tubs, you can control which gets are on. Some tubs have special massage jets that are specifically designed to mimic the feeling of getting a massage.

Term #5: Safety Cover

The safety cover is the cover you put on top of your spa when you are not using it. The safety cover helps to retain the heat inside of your spa and keep out contaminants, so when you want to get in, the water will be warm and clean.

Term #6: Skirt

The skirt, also sometimes referred to as the cabinet, is the hot tub's outer layer. This is essentially the shell that keeps the internal hot tub structure safe. The skirt is sometimes made from wood, although it is far more common nowadays for the skirt to be made from synthetic material.

Term #7: Pump

The pump is essential to the operation of a hot tub. It is what draws water into the drain and skimmers, pushes the water through the filter, and heats up the water that comes out of the jets. The pump has three parts: motor, impeller, and wet end.

When buying a hot tub, it helps to understand the various terms associated with a hot tub. This will allow you to ask more detailed questions about the feature of a tub you are interested in and help you choose the right one for your needs.

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