Want To Buy An Old Grocery Store But Worried About Remodeling Costs? Reskin Refrigerators & Freezers

If you are considering the purchase of a convenience store or grocery store but are hesitant to close on the sale due to the conditions of the retail area, don't let that hold you back from being a store owner. You can install new flooring, walls, and shelving and reskin the refrigerators and freezers at affordable costs. 

Reskinning is the process of transforming the appearance of refrigerators and freezers so they look new and are more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. It can also help you reduce energy costs. Here's what you need to know. 

Reskin for Aesthetics

You can select freezer and refrigeration case parts that match the color and design of your branding. Reskinning can give the same refrigerators and freezers an entirely different look. If your design scheme is based on a particular color, you can reskin some elements of your refrigerator and freezer cases with that color.

For example, if you want to design your store with a modern look with sleek lines with stainless steel, you can select case parts that provide you with this effect. If your intention is to design with an old-time-store feel with a splash of red, you can achieve that look as well by reskinning with the appropriate case parts. 

Reskin for Energy Savings

Reskinning is a great way to cut down on energy use and save money, especially if you have long walls full of refrigerators and/or freezers for your customers. In most grocery stores and convenience stores, refrigeration can account for a large amount of electricity usage.

You can eliminate the energy loss from worn door gaskets by replacing them with new gaskets. Replace the refrigerator doors with insulated doors to help reduce energy costs as well as to keep the food fresh or frozen.

Reskin for Safety

The interior of your refrigerators and freezers can also be reskinned. While reskinning the shelving and pans in a refrigerator or freezer can also provide a visual makeover, reskinning the interiors also provides a safety measure. 

For example, if the old refrigerators and freezers in the store you consider purchasing have broken shelves with sharp edges, you can replace the shelves and/or the entire interior including the interior casing. 

In conclusion, reskinning the refrigerators and freezers in a grocery store is a simple process. Contact a supermarket refrigeration case parts manufacturer for more information about reskinning and packages that will help you transform the grocery store. 

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