Reskinning Supermarket Cases

If minimal disruption and reduced costs appeal to you, reskinning your supermarket cases may be a better option than investing in brand-new cases. Learn what reskinning is and consider the beneficial impacts that this type of upgrade can have on your store's sales.


Reskinning is a term that refers to upgrading the exterior or interior parts of a refrigeration case. Some reskinning projects may involve replacing parts that comprise both the outside and inside of a case.

Because the main structural materials that comprise a case will remain intact, a reskinning project won't cost nearly as much as an investment for new case cabinets, exterior accessories, and interior components. Reskinning supermarket cases brings new life to cases and improves their efficiency.

Reskinning can be used for rebranding purposes or to draw attention to existing stock or a new product line. Reskinning is a cost-effective process that will support an upward climb in sales, without investing a large sum and then needing to rely upon an abundance of sales to offset the cost of the new equipment.

Upgrade Ideas

An analysis of the supermarket cases that you own should be performed. This analysis should include inspecting the framework, glass, shelving, and lights that are parts of each case. The analysis should also focus on the aesthetical properties of the cases.

A supermarket case part checklist can be used as a reference when performing a precursory assessment of the cases. Next, you should use your analysis results to guide you in ordering new parts from an appliance sales company. The appliance distributor where you obtained your cases may sell a full line of quality new and refurbished parts that you can use during the reskinning project.

If you want to focus on the operational value of each case, invest in new thermostats, gasket seals, and LED lighting. These parts will improve the manner in which the cases operate. If you would like to focus on the aesthetic value of each case, invest in new canopies, bumper guards, shelving, and glass panels.

Parts that an appliance retailer sells may come in many colors and shapes. If you are going to be rebranding a portion of your product line, or if you are going to be unveiling some new merchandise that you would like to draw attention to, consider purchasing some new parts that are a color scheme that will support the advancement.

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